Highlight features within a distance ofFEET around the selected features of Parcels

Disclaimer - Data Viewer

This map was created for the use of the Coshocton County Auditor's Office in the appraisal of real estate process. This map is updated daily with the new transfers and the additions of new parcels to the geodatabase layer. This update normally occurs between 6:00am and 9:00am during which you may experience disruptions in service. The map is provided here as a convenience to the Coshocton County taxpayers and the suitability of this map for any other use is not guaranteed.

This map should never be relied upon to establish with certainty the location of property lines or the location of any other feature in relation to a property line. To establish a property line or the relationship of a feature to a property line you must engage the services of a Professional Surveyor registered to practice in the State of Ohio.

Each polygon or shape on the map represents a recorded legal description for a parcel. While it is impossible to state the spatial accuracy of lines on the map, the Coshocton County GIS Office does strive to ensure that parcels are represented correctly in terms of the individual shapes that make up the whole parcel and that the correct parcel numbers are associated with each parcel shape. Any errors in these categories should be reported by email to with "GIS Map Error" as the subject.

Soil Information

To view and print Coshocton County certified soils information go to For any questions or concerns contact Coshocton SWCD at 740-622-8087 Ext 4.

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